Are you ensuring legal compliance of sub-contractors?

The deadline is fast approaching for CE Marking Fabricated Structural Steelwork in the United Kingdom.
The 1st July 2014 will see the introduction of BS EN 1090-1 CE Marking for fabricated steelwork, so from this date it will be a legal requirement for organisations to CE Mark all fabricated structural steelwork.  CE Marking will be regulated by Criminal Law, and if you are found in breach of this duty penalties can include fines, imprisonment or even both!  However, the largest impact could be on your organisation, where trading may be stopped until the correct certification is in place.
Stoneman Engineering (SW) Ltd is pleased to inform you that from 1st July 2014 we will have Factory Process Controls (FPCs) in place, and certification to BS EN 1090-1.  This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that not only will you continue to enjoy the high level of service, and high standard of quality product that you’re used to receiving, but you will also be receiving CE Marked fabricated steelwork.  This legal responsibility covers a huge range of fabricated items including platforms, staircases, handrailing, balustrades, structural steelwork, and much more.
If you would like further information on CE Marking, and how it will affect you and your business, please contact your usual contact at Stoneman Engineering who will be happy to help.
Stoneman Engineering Achieve Double ISO Accreditation - Sep 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded recognition to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

During the implementation of ISO 9001 Stoneman Engineering formalised existing procedures and systems to align with the standard. Improvements made saw tighter quality control on already stringent systems, formalised checking methods for fabrication drawings all ultimatly leading to consistent customer satisfaction through quality products and services. ISO 9001 has also provided assistance in preparing for BS EN 1090 which details the requirement to CE mark structural steelwork from 2014.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems saw many improvements to the way in which undertakings are recorded. Due to the formalisation of existing procedures the system supported the upgrade of many company vehicles which led to less emissions and reduced costs. Other improvements included reducing waste which led to a 93% reduction in land-fill waste.

All in all, these accreditations have supported Stoneman Engineering in reducing its environmental impact and improved the consistency of quality products and quality systems throughout.